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Must Have Back-to-School Apps for Speech-Language Therapy & the Classroom

6 Sep

Screen Shot from iPhone Story Builder App

Welcome back to school!  I hope everyone had a restful summer and is feeling rejuvenated and inspired to get back to work with our kiddos!

I just finished freshening up my iPad with some great new Speech & Language Apps to use in therapy this year.  While there are dozens I could review (and hopefully over time I’ll get to some more), I wanted to let you all know about a few great ‘must-have’ back to school Apps for those of you who are experimenting with using the iPad or iPhone (less ideal because of the small screen, but still perfectly functional) in classrooms and in therapy sessions.

Super Duper Fun Decks and Question Cards are a staple in any Speech-Language Pathologists bag o’ tricks.  Instead of using the Super Duper Fun Decks, which, let’s be honest, are really just glorified flash cards, you can avoid the clutter and have a far more interesting, engaging display for students by downloading a number of different illustrated picture cards with prompts to your iPhone or iPad.   Click here to see a current listing of all Super Duper Speech and Language Apps.   Super Duper has even rolled out some new Apps to increase efficiency and productivity for  teachers and therapists.  Check out the Age Calculator and Data Tracker to see if they will work for you in your practice.

Another great App for Back to school is the Common Core Standards App.  The Common Core Standards define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 education.  They are meant to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.   Many states have already adopted the Common Core Standards, New York being one of them.  To see if your state is using the Common Core Standards to guide classroom instruction and curriculum, click here.

Here is the link for the Common Core Standards App, which is designed for the iPhone or iPad.  You can sort by subject and grade level to see the exact skills and knowledge that students will be expected to know this year.

Finally, I love the These apps from The Mobile Education Store.  All of their “Builder Apps” (Language Builder, Sentence Builder, Question Builder, Story Builder, Conversation Builder) were specifically designed to help elementary age children improve their language skills.  I have used these apps with my students who are struggling with syntax or narrative skills.  I’ve downloaded the newest one, “Conversation Builder”, and am looking forward to trying it out this fall.

Stay tuned for some exciting new community-based Speech & Language lesson plans for our students this coming year!

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