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Whole Body Listening

30 Sep

We’ve had a great week of Speech & Language sessions so far this week!  I taught a whole class Sounds in Motion lesson to Ms. P’s Kindergarten and First graders.  They learned all about listening with their whole body and were able to explain what each part of the body is doing when we are focused on a speaker.  We don’t just listen with our ears, but every part of our body must be involved to really focus on what someone is saying.  They also learned their first letter and movement.  Since Ms. P was focusing on the letter m in class this week, I decided to start the Sounds in Motion program out of order and help reinforce what students are learning in the classroom by teaching them the movement for the letter m.  I continued to reinforce the movement in our out of classroom sessions and the kids already love to make the movement for the letter m.

During a push-in session in Ms. Hafter’s class, students were learning how to read with a partner, ask questions, make comments and share their favorite parts of the story.  Our Speech students really benefited from Ms. Hafter’s model of what it looks like to read with a partner, and with some support were able to generate very thoughtful questions and comments about the story they were reading with their classmates.

All of the 1st and 2nd grade students learned about Whole Body Listening this week in speech therapy sessions.  In their homework folders, you will see the handout pictured above.  Ask your child to tell you how each part of the body helps us to listen.

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